How it works

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Minimum of 60 Live events In Sweden
MINIMUM 60 Online & bounty events In Sweden
120 Winners
2nd - 6th Place
Top 5% of Each Event
Online Semi-Final To be announced..
120 Winners
Finally, a total of 240 live and online players compete to become the National Champion The top 18 best Country players qualify also for the Grand Final to become the: "EUROPEAN-OPC CHAMPION"

The Swedish-OPC stages

Play the Swedish Open Poker Championship

The top 18-players of each country will compete in the European-OPC Grand Final

The host date and Location will be announced later

The prestigious live European-OPC Grand Final date will soon be announced!

  • Anyone can join the tournament events for free provided they are registered as a player on the European-OPC website.
  • The winners of local events go on to compete in the national final.
  • Players finishing 2nd to 6th will go on to compete in the online national semi-final.
  • The online semi-final will be held on the country sponsor’s website.
  • The top 120 players from the semi-final will enter the national final, making up the 240 contesters of the national final together with the 120 local event winners.
  • There will also be multiple free online Second Chance events, the schedule of which will be announced weekly.
  • The top 5% from each online Second Chance event will go on to compete in the online semi-final, which enables players at local events to invite their friends to participate as well.
  • Each event winner receives a trophy as the champion of that local or national tournament event.
  • Prizewinners receive the cup and all possible extras into their account.
  • All event winners will automatically be entered in that year’s European-OPC Grand Final.
  • European-OPC tournament events are intended to offer a fun and educational experience while creating local, national, and European
  • Open Poker champions, giving talented players a chance at, possibly, becoming rich and famous.

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